Why Magellan?

With rapid changes in the global economy, technology, transportation systems, and migration trends, the world is becoming a small, intersecting community. If you are interested in finding yourselves having increased contact with people who are culturally different if you want to learn how to work in culturally diverse teams if you want to develop a creative mindset to see things from different angles without rigid prejudgment, take a chance on the programme, live your studies intense and make a difference. Join Magellan!

The Magellan Master's Degree is an intercultural journey for explorers!

It gives you the possibility to take part in experiential learning which process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience. Experiential intercultural activities include hands-on classes and internships, field exercises, and study abroad.

Take a chance

The Magellan Master’s Degree will give you a competitive edge in a crowded job market. By developing a creative mindset you will be able to see things from different angles without rigid prejudgment which is crucial to working efficiently in an intercultural environment..

Live it intense

You’ll gain the rich, rewarding experience of studying in 4 European countries, without the hassle of juggling schedules. That’s right! You will experience campus life in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Spain – all in one, unified degree programme!

Make a difference

Managing effectively across cultures requires intercultural Intelligence, emotional intelligence, as well as maturity. As such, it is the evolving product of an ongoing personal growth process. Studying in the program will help you to grow, as a better manager and a more self-conscious person.

Latest news

Business and IT students will work together!

A group of 24 students from Italy, Hungary, Belgium, and Spain will visit the University of Economics in Katowice in early May.

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If you would like to learn more about the Magellan program, please join us for a webinar

In May we will organize a webinar where representatives from four universities will talk about the program, its goals, and its organization.

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European Economic Congress / fot. PTWP
European Economic Congress in Katowice – perfect place to experience the business world!

The mission of the European Economic Congress has remained unchanged for years. The EEC is a representative and open forum for debate on the future of the European and Polish economies.

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