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Magellan Programme

The Integrated International Master Program, jointly developed and implemented by four different European universities, provides a transformative learning experience designed to develop global leaders to lead culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams in multicultural environments. It aims to create a dynamic learning environment by nurturing psychological, business, and cultural intelligence; by promoting intercultural communication; by teaching about global contexts, competencies, and problem-solving. It is based on the synergy of business, leadership, culture, and learning strategies that form a multidimensional framework leading to the development of globally literate business leaders.

This two-year master’s program focuses on international business and enhances students’ global business literacy. It also examines how global and cultural issues affect business functions, such as strategic management, marketing management, and legal regulations. It aims to support experiential learning by linking education, work, and personal development through internships which foster meaningful activities related to course-based experience.

The study programme is divided into four semesters and takes place at four different European universities. The first semester takes place at the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland), where students learn about international business theories, including subjects such as economics, law, management, marketing, and market research. The second semester takes place at the University of Debrecen (Hungary). Students learn about the intercultural aspects of international business with a strong focus on the management of intercultural competence, leadership, negotiation and communication, skills, and CSR. The third semester is offered by the University of Economics – Varna (Bulgaria). Students learn about the new technologies used in international business from an intercultural perspective but also will have a great opportunity to improve their soft skills by exploring design thinking methods. They also learn about e-business strategies, take part in an intensive program and prepare a consulting project together with selected companies. The final semester at the CEU Cardinal Herrera (Spain) is dedicated to topics such as consumer behavior, relationship marketing, and brand management. Students finalize their internship and master’s thesis.

University of Economics in Katowice

Magellan will be built upon the foundation of our existing MSc in International Business, which we have been proud to offer to students for almost 10 years. For further details, please see: https://www.ue.katowice.pl/en/units/international-business/master/program-description.html

University of Economics – Varna

Magellan is developed and accredited as an entirely new program at UE – Varna. You can check the Master’s description here: https://www.ue-varna.bg/en/subject/4475. We will build on our know-how and expertise acquired in offering our MSc in International Business and Management (taught entirely in English) for almost 10 years.

University of Debrecen

Magellan will be built upon the foundation of our existing MSc in International Economy and Business, which we have been proud to offer to students from across the globe for almost 15 years. For further details, please see: https://edu.unideb.hu/tartalom/downloads/Bulletin_21_22/GTK/BULLETIN%20INT%202021.pdf

Graduate's profile

After finishing the Magellan study programme, students will become globally literate and culturally intelligent and develop a global mindset. They will possess a broader perspective on the world, on markets, companies, and people. They will be able to understand the motivations and expectations of businesses, markets, and strategies across cultures and borders.

Multiple studies show how hard it is to find employers with adequate intercultural skills. Moreover, at companies, such training is not provided. Students with how intercultural skills have very good job opportunities nowadays. Most companies are going global and they need staff prepared to work in those environments

Companies demand intercultural skills in order to improve the understanding of the workplace as well as to adapt strategies to diverse environments.

Due to the in-depth teaching and practical training students will develop intercultural knowledge, skills, and competencies. All that is so relevant nowadays when facing the international job market. Every person willing to develop his/her career in an international environment should have knowledge on how to understand/interpret: a specific market, an international workplace, and even on a social scale how not to be misled by certain cultural habits/rules/reactions.

The graduate will be fully prepared to work in an international environment and also work in an international group while observing the principles of socially sustainable development.


A graduate of the Magellan study programme may ultimately be employed in a managerial position in an international corporation and, hold the position of managing director (CEO), marketing director (CEM) or Director of Intercultural Affairs, Intercultural Communication Director, International Services Manager, Intercultural Training Manager, International Human Resources Director, Communication and Leadership Instructor, Intercultural Consultant, Facilitator, Job Developer.

Teaching methods and academic staff

Teaching classes are conducted by lecturers from four partner countries as well as other universities. All lecturers have extensive experience in teaching as well as in the field of international business. The semesters are organized in the following order: the first semester begins in Poland, then students study in Hungary, the third is in Bulgaria, and the last one is offered in Spain. During the studies the latest teaching methods are used: interactive lectures, case studies, experiential learning, intensive programmes, simulation games, as well as practical activities in the form of meetings with entrepreneurs, study visits, or consulting projects.