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The MAGELLAN Consortium invites you to a Webinar on the objectives, program and structure of Magellan courses on April 11 at 03:00 pm. The event will take place online.

International Master in Intercultural Business (MAGELLAN)

The Integrated International Master in Intercultural Business (MAGELLAN), jointly developed and implemented by four different European universities, provides a transformative learning experience designed to develop global leaders to lead culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams in multicultural environments. It aims to create a dynamic learning environment by nurturing psychological, business, and cultural intelligence; by promoting intercultural communication; by teaching about global contexts, competencies, and problem solving. It is based on the synergy of business, leadership, culture and learning strategies that form a multidimensional framework leading to the development of globally literate business leaders.

Study in 4 countries

By choosing the MAGELLAN program you have the opportunity to study in: Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Hungary. During the course of study, the latest teaching methods are used, such as interactive lectures, case studies, experiential learning, intensive programs, simulation games, as well as practical activities in the form of meetings with entrepreneurs, study visits or consulting projects.


Learn more during the Webinar! Students and candidates will be able to ask any number of questions and get an inside look intothe international program. 🙂

The event will be held on April 11 at 03:00 pm.

In order to receive a link to the meeting, please register through the form.

More information can be found at www.mastermagellan.eu and on the University’s website.