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Magellan team

We are a group of four European universities with extensive teaching experience and international cooperation. As part of our partnership, we have decided to launch a new study program that would respond to the growing requirements of the job market in intercultural management. In particular, we wanted to focus on enhancing students’ global business literacy by explaining how global and cultural issues affect business functions, such as strategic management, marketing management, and legal regulations. The programme aims to support experiential learning by linking education, work, and personal development through internships which foster meaningful activities related to course-based experience.

Thanks to the experience, but also to the enormous commitment of all the MAGELLAN consortium members, we have managed to create a unique study program that gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, gain practical experience as well as the possibility to work in a truly international environment.

Our mission is an active engagement in academic excellence, expanding professional knowledge, creating a diverse and inclusive community, and preparing truly international managers.

Why study with us?

Our mission is to provide world-leading, research-based education in management science with the utmost diversity and respect for others.

Our study program is specialized and diverse, with opportunities to take deep dives into topics at the forefront of intercultural management research and practice.

We provide access to an international, welcoming, collaborative community of students and teachers.